Making Jewelry As A Gift

When making jewelry for a person you know it is sometimes more difficult than just making an item that will be part of your inventory to sell at some point in the future.

Crochetted choker purple

What color do they like, what style? Do they like a lot of strands or just a simple clean look. Big beads or small, do they like the look of seed beads?  Use a color they like and ones that contrast or complement.  Of course always try to throw in a few crystals to give that gift a little (or a lot) of       pizzazz and sparkle.

I love this purple piece with its little chips of shells. It could be made up as a necklace or bracelet. It’s really a fun pretty piece of handmade jewelry.

There is also the question of what kind of piece you want to make. Most of the time, just from my own gifts I have made, I try to make something that is versatile and could be worn to Church, or to a game at the HS, or out shopping.  You want to make the piece so it will be worn and not just sit in a drawer with all the others.  Try to make one that will be her favorite.

green-aqua bracelet with crystals

Have you ever made a necklace that is prickly on the back of your neck? This is because of the way you started and finished your necklace. Always use extra care when using wire or other stringing materials that can poke or be rough, that’s just about everythiing used for stringing. Leave your tails long enough to bury the ends way deep into the strand so as not to be uncomfortable to the wearer.

These ideas are the ones that I go by. There are many different attitudes and ideas on how to do things. It would really be a boring if we all did the same things. So if you are one of those people that would like to share your idea, please use the comment section at the bottom of this page. Questions are welcome. If I don’t know the answer I will find it and then we will all know.

Seed bead netting and earings

Please comment on my blog, say whatever comes to mind but please try to be fair. I would love to hear your opinions and see some of your work.

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Beads of Wire, An Interesting and Fun Mix!

Welcome Beaders!!

Make your own beads from various metal wire of different gauges, separate or combined. Add glass or metal beads to the mix – or not!  Add color and texture, or both.  There are no wrong choices when making handmade jewelry.  Some choices go together better than others but to say wrong is not fair to the beading artist.

bobbies beads 3

Once again, look for fun ways to let your personality show in your work.

The gauge of the wire is smaller the higher the number.  This means always use the wire that will fit the bead with the smallest whole opening.

Stop by again soon for more tips and other exciting stuff.  Have a great weekend.



“Handmade Jewelry is Best!” declares Auburn woman……….

Handmade jewelry is always the best to make or break that special outfit, you know, the one you’ve chosen to wear on the first day of your new job, your first day of school, or just a new piece to make that cute little black dress shine. Don’t forget that really cute pair of jeans. 

So today we are giving you some special ideas, with special permission, amazing handmade jewelry. 

I think this is a great idea.  I know this will help you build your confidence to make fun and beautiful jewelry, no matter what the outfit.  

bobbies beads